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Reviews of Research Paper Writing Services

I know I am not the first student to struggle with his research papers. There are plenty of good reasons to use research paper writing services, such as if you are genuinely struggling with your work, if you have been ill, if you are on a first or second warning, and if you need more time to study. The best performers in our class are the ones that use research paper writing services so they can study for exams rather than waste their time with busy-work research papers.

Still, I found it very difficult figuring out which are the good essay and research paper writing services and which are the bad ones--mainly because genuine student customers are reluctant to give testimonials for fear they will be caught by their professors. For that reason, I set up my research paper writing review website to explain my experiences with all the review websites I have listed. I have only included the good essay and research paper writing services. I haven’t included the scam or poor quality services because I don’t feel they deserve the publicity (even if it is bad).

They are an established company; they are not your fly-by-night company, so you know they will be there next week if you have an amendment that needs doing, or if you need more work from them. They format your work as per your request, which I especially like because I hate formatting my research papers. They also use a lot of ex-professors, which comes through in the quality of their work.

They offer a confidential service that they run on a secure network. The confidentiality is so you may hand in their top-quality work as your own without fear of being caught by your professor. I have to say that I have never had a problem with the quality of their work and my professor honestly believes I am the one producing it, so it is all good.

Per page, you can get a price as low as $19.99. Their prices do go as high as $52.99. The total cost of your paper is going to depend on the deadline, word count and the quality level you choose.

Customer Support
I found the customer service department to be very competent and quick to give answers and solutions. I have not really had any problems with the essay writing service, so have not needed to contact customer support very often. 

The work I got
I have actually ordered a lot from them in my time, not only for myself but for my friends too, and they always seem to put the best writer on the job. The stuff I have sent them has been very varied, and yet they have still done a good job.

I was worried that this company was going to be another that uses spinning or rewriting software because it is so obvious when it is used, but they did not. They were actually a very professional and premium-quality writing service. I especially like their longer-deadline costs because they are quite reasonable. To be honest, there are so many students using essay-writing services these days that the students that don’t use them are suffering. If you are considering it, then this is the company you should think about.

The work is good because a lot of the writers have industry experience. They are not students that have just fallen out of college, they are people that have been in the workplace and are therefore able to add an edge to their work that other students in my classes cannot. Their work cannot be faulted in my opinion.

Most people use their quoting tool to get a price. It show you a series of prices and then you add in your details and project parameters to see what prices are on offer to you. Their prices start at $30.27 per page.

Customer Support
They are a very friendly group of people. Sometimes I have to ask questions on behalf of my friends, and they always find a way of getting to the bottom of the problem or the issue with the least amount of fuss (whilst still remaining friendly).

The work I got
The first time I used it was for a classmate that became ill and was falling behind. The writers completed his philosophy papers with such exquisite thoughts and points that the (then) sick student has been publicly boasting about the company ever since.

What gets me is just how high their quality margins actually are and how they are actually offering a great deal. I was thinking about it, and I know their prices are a little high, but when you consider the weight of the expertise that is poured into the work--it is an absolute bargain. In addition, if I were to have done the work myself it would have taken me days, which means the cost per hour in terms of time they saved me is extraordinary.

They clearly have a high level of expertise within the company. They are also staffed by degree-holding writers. It all comes out in your work as you see the valid and academically credible points they somehow pull up and use.

Their $20 off your first order is fun. If you want your project in ten days, then it will cost you as little as $19.99 per page. If you want your project done within three hours, then the price may climb as high as $57.99 per page.

Customer Support
They are an efficient group of people. They are able to get answers to you very quickly, even if it involves getting in touch with your writer. I have no complaints about their customer service department.

The work I got
My first was for a Spanish degree friend. He wanted his essay doing and I was very dubious as to if the essay writing company could do it. However, they somehow produced a superior piece of work so that both I and my friend were happy with the results.

Each assignment you send them is matched with the best writer they have at the time. Their work is good and consistently good, which is the most important element because you do not want to make an order one week and then get a different quality essay a month later otherwise your professor may suspect that you are not doing the work.

They are an established company with a very structured sense of what is correct and what is not. This seems to reflect upon the work they do as they are able to provide a level of consistently competent work irrespective of when you order or what type of paper you order from them. It is impressive you think about it.

Their ten-day deadlines run at around $21.99 to $26.99 per page, and their standard quality runs at between $53.99 and $60.99 per page. They have a quoting tool you can use without any obligation to buy.

Customer Support
They do not keep you waiting very long in queues to get through to somebody, and you can get in touch with them at any time of the day and somehow there is still somebody there to help you and answer your questions.

The work I got
All of the orders you sent through are done online, and my first order was only a small one, but I quickly saw how competently they had done the work. It was only with subsequent orders that I realized they are consistently good and that it wasn’t just a one-off.

I like their fair prices. I feel that their quotation tool offers a range of prices that suit any budget. You can play around with their quotation tool until you get the right price to suit you. They do not use templates so the work you order one week will have no structural similarity to the work you order another week. They have a very reasonable pricing structure that is allied with their guarantee of 100% satisfaction every time.

The quality is so good that students that don’t use this service are actually suffering. There are no hidden charges, and they have a very professional way of working because they are able to send over larger projects a piece at a time without it affecting the overall quality of the work they send as a whole.

Their highest prices per page are $52.99, and their lowest per page are $19.99. It all depends on the deadline you choose, the type of project, the quality level and the number of pages you are ordering if you reach a discount threshold.

Customer Support
All in all, I found the customer service department to be professional, fast, and very polite. They seem to understand the seriousness of our queries and they understand that we need answers quickly because sometimes there is very limited time before the essay must be submitted.

The work I got

I sent over a dissertation for a friend in his last year. It was very expensive, but when the work came together and it was completed, my friend was thrilled with the results (as was his professor). I have no complaints about this company. 

How to Order Research Papers from Writing Services

If you are going to order research paper writing services from a company on the Internet, you need to be sure you pick the right one. Ideally, you want one with a confidentiality agreement or policy in place. The last thing you want is them divulging the use of their service to other people--especially on social media where your professors may find out about it. Here is how you order a research paper from a writing service.

Do your research first

It may sound like a bit of a contradiction, but you do need to shop around a little first. You need to look around at the different types of research paper writing services to see what is on offer. Learn a little bit about the industry before you march in and make your order.

Do even more research

There is no way of doing too much research when it comes to ordering from a research paper writing service. There are a lot of poor quality writing services out there, and you need to be sure to find one that doesn’t plagiarize and one that offers a confidential service. Use a review website if you are unsure of which are the best.

Get a quote from the research writing company

Many of the research paper writing help companies have some sort of quotation tool or system that allows you to get a quote. There is little point in setting up an order if you are not going to be able to afford it.

Apply their discounts

Online discounts are a common thing, so check around their website to see if they have any sort of discounts you can apply to your order. A few percent off here and there may not seem like much, but it adds up if you use the services often.

Give them as many details as you can

This means giving them all of your essay questions, all of your notes, your reading list and even the marking guide if you have it. The more details you give them, then the better job they are able to do.

Check for optional extras

Poor quality essay writing services will have hidden charges. Legitimate companies may offer you additional extras. Usually it is a case of ticking a box. Be sure to give them the desired formatting because some are often willing to format your work for free if you ask them to.

When all that is done, just sit back and wait for your order to be emailed to you as per the deadline you chose. It is as easy as that. 

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How to Write a Research Paper

Before you even consider starting, make sure you understand all the questions and all the essay parameters. There are plenty of students that take their research paper away with all the questions and topics, and then they leave it until the night before, they sit down to write their research paper. When they get to it, they see they do not understand what it is all about and it is then too late to get any help. Go through every question and research paper parameter to be sure you understand it 100% before you do anything else.

Define your research methodology

The word “research” is a little too broad of a concept for your college professors and the academic community to accept. They need to know that you used an approved research methodology otherwise your research is not academically credible.

Write your plan

All you need is a bullet point list. Skim over the pieces of research you think you will need and write their references down so you can come back to them later. Start to research a little to help define your theme and the direction you will go, but be careful not to overwork at this stage because the research comes later.

Remember to review the work you are researching

Simply reading something to find out if it is useful is not often very productive. You should read and create a few reviews of the work you are going to research so that you understand it and so you can check its credibility.

Always start with the reading list

Many college professors hand out a preferred reading list for their students to work from. This is always the best place to start. You can expand your research outwards once you have gone over the material your professor wanted you to read.

Proofread your work at the very end

Do not try to proofread your work as you go. Do it at the very end of your project because it will make you less productive if you try it beforehand. Plus, your draft may need multiple changes before the final polish.

Check for weight and balance

Did you cover one point or research element more than another? Have you sided one way too often without giving enough counter evidence? Is there a part of your paper that covers seemingly unimportant things in a little too much detail? Are there any contradictions? These sorts of things may be difficult to spot because you are very close to your work, but you will have to check anyway because your professor will notice. 

How to Avoid Scam Writing Services

It may be a little upsetting to hear, but there is no way to 100% protect yourself from scam writing services if you are going to use them in the same way there is no way of 100% protecting yourself from muggers if you walk the New York streets. However, you can lower your chances of being scammed if you play it clever, in the same way you can lower your chances of being mugged if you walk around New York nude.

Does the website look cheap?

Many of the scammer essay writing services are here today and gone tomorrow. This is because they scam people, they get a bad online reputation, and they remove all traces of themselves before people start tracking them down. However, this process can be expensive, so they will often skimp on website design.

You may even notice quick and cheap things such as template WordPress websites that look strikingly similar to a few other essay-writing services you have looked at. You will also notice spelling and grammar errors too that shouldn’t exist on a website made by professional writers.

Try essay writing company review websites

The main reason for this is because students are rarely willing to put their name to an online testimonial for fear their teachers and/or professors will find out. Plus, they sometimes feel it may disappoint their family to learn they didn’t write their own essays. Due to the lack of “good” testimonials online, it is best to use essay writing service review websites to see which are the ones you should try.

If you want to know the ones you should avoid, then enter the name of the essay writing company into Google and run a search. Students may not like giving positive reviews for companies they have used, but they will certainly complain about the scammer websites that screwed them over. If a company is a little dubious and/or is not being consistently good, they may have negative reviews about them on scamming websites and forums.

Run a small test first

Luckily, a lot of essay writing services offer a starter discount for people that have never used the service before. Use this to your advantage by placing a small order that has little importance and/or that you can rewrite yourself if they mess it up. Run a small test for little money and see how they do. If they mess it up, then you know not to use the service again. If they make a good job of it, then it may be worth risking a future order with them.