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Hi all. I started this blog to help other students find good essay writing services. I am in my third year, and started using essay writing services in my second year. I had a tough time getting my work done and essay writing services were there to help me through it. As a side effect, I also found that without essays taking up my time I had more time available to study.

In my third year I have used essay writing services a little less and have had more time for myself. I have been able to go to more parties and get back in touch with the friends I didn’t see when I was feeling low in my second year.

I think I owe essay writing services a lot, which is why it bugs me when my other friends tell me how they have had bad experiences. I decided to set up this website to give people a few options. I have used a variety of good and bad writing services, so I have dedicated my blog to the best ones. Some people say I am helping other students cheat, but they forget that the world doesn’t stop when something bad happens, and if it were not for essay writing services then I wouldn’t still be in college

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