Saturday, December 12, 2015

How to Avoid Scam Writing Services

It may be a little upsetting to hear, but there is no way to 100% protect yourself from scam writing services if you are going to use them in the same way there is no way of 100% protecting yourself from muggers if you walk the New York streets. However, you can lower your chances of being scammed if you play it clever, in the same way you can lower your chances of being mugged if you walk around New York nude.

Does the website look cheap?

Many of the scammer essay writing services are here today and gone tomorrow. This is because they scam people, they get a bad online reputation, and they remove all traces of themselves before people start tracking them down. However, this process can be expensive, so they will often skimp on website design.

You may even notice quick and cheap things such as template WordPress websites that look strikingly similar to a few other essay-writing services you have looked at. You will also notice spelling and grammar errors too that shouldn’t exist on a website made by professional writers.

Try essay writing company review websites

The main reason for this is because students are rarely willing to put their name to an online testimonial for fear their teachers and/or professors will find out. Plus, they sometimes feel it may disappoint their family to learn they didn’t write their own essays. Due to the lack of “good” testimonials online, it is best to use essay writing service review websites to see which are the ones you should try.

If you want to know the ones you should avoid, then enter the name of the essay writing company into Google and run a search. Students may not like giving positive reviews for companies they have used, but they will certainly complain about the scammer websites that screwed them over. If a company is a little dubious and/or is not being consistently good, they may have negative reviews about them on scamming websites and forums.

Run a small test first

Luckily, a lot of essay writing services offer a starter discount for people that have never used the service before. Use this to your advantage by placing a small order that has little importance and/or that you can rewrite yourself if they mess it up. Run a small test for little money and see how they do. If they mess it up, then you know not to use the service again. If they make a good job of it, then it may be worth risking a future order with them. 


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